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Find Definitions For Fallacies Crossword Puzzle

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Find Definitions For Fallacies

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Across Down
2 pity or sadness
8 a statement is correct because the statement is made by proof
9 argument intended to point out a weakness of the original argument
10 keeping asking the same questions
11 logical argument that involves a situation
14 assumption that a statement must be true if it cannot be proved false
15 an argument that end up in court with documents of proof and audience
16 to be true but not proven to be
17 when a person keep talking and not stoping so the other person can throw a comeback
1 evidence or proof provided by an person in the argument
3 something misstated in an argument
4 mistaken to be formal but informal
5 sympathy feeling
6 appealing to the people and that everybody really believe what that person said are is saying
7 conclusion formed without evidence
12 presenting an argument that may not be true
13 failure in reasoning that renders an argument that wrong
18 exaggerated argument something thats not necessary
19 what public speakers use of discussing rumors
20 something that everyone is do(reasonable you do it to)
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