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Finding Nemo Crossword Puzzle

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Finding Nemo

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Across Down
1 'Fish are friends, not ___'
4 Dory and Marlon are helped by a ____ (even though Marlon thought they were being eaten by it)
5 The joke Marlon kept trying to tell was about a mollusk and a _____ (two words)
6 The name of the turtle who helps Marlon and Dory
7 The character trait one of Nemo's classmates uses to describe himself
8 Nemo's teacher is a ____
10 Dory's 'Squishy' is a ____
12 Dory gets caught in a ____ after Marlon and Dory find Nemo
14 The type of creature that Nemo's dad called 'Ponyboy'
15 A large group of fish who swim together (like the ones who helped Marlon and Dory find the East Australian Current)
17 The type of fish Nemo and his dad are
19 The name Nemo's tank friends gave him
20 The 'ring of fire' was actually a bunch of _____
21 Nemo and his dad call his bad fin his '_____' fin
22 The city in Australia where Nemo is taken to
24 What the seagulls are always saying
2 The red-headed girl who was going to get Nemo as a present
3 At the end, Dory comes back after having her most recent meeting with three ___
5 The condition which Dory says affects her and her family (4 words)
9 The number of stripes Marlon has
11 Nemo's mom's name
13 The item which has the address Marlon needs to find Nemo
16 Although they escape the tank, the aquarium fish are stuck in _____ at the end of the movie
18 The type of bird who helps Marlon get to the dentist's office
23 Nemo escapes the tank by pretending to be dead and going down the ____.
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