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First Aid & Cpr Crossword Puzzle Answer

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First Aid & CPR

        C P R       A          
          O         S P E E C H
          I         P          
          S         I          
          O         R          
      C O N C U S S I O N      
      I             N          
    P R E S S U R E     C O O L
      C                 O      
      U N C O N S C I O U S    
      L                 G      
  H E A T S T R O K E   H      
      T                 I C E  
C     I     A           N      
H Y P O T H E R M I A   G      
E     N     D       B          
C                   D          
K                 C O N S E N T
                S L I N G      
            F O R W A R D      
Across Down
1 Will help to keep blood flowing throughout the body that carries oxygen.
4 A person's _____ may become slurred during a stroke.
5 A type of injury to the head or brain.
6 Applying this to an open wound will help to control or stop bleeding.
7 Using this type of water will help to treat a burn.
8 A person has become this if they are not alert or responding to you.
9 The most severe heat related emergency.
10 You should apply this to an injured area to help reduce swelling.
13 The most severe cold related emergency.
15 You should always get this from the victim or parent before providing care.
16 Using this can help to ensure elevation to an injured arm.
17 You should lean ______ during a nose bleed.
2 You should call 911 if a victim has swallowed or been injected with this.
3 Given a person this during a cardiac emergency, will lessen heart damage.
5 When checking for signs of life, you should monitor the person's airway, breathing & _____.
7 You should encourage a person to keep doing this if they are choking.
11 You should always do this to a scene to ensure your and the victim's safety.
12 Device used to give an electric shock to the heart to restrore it's normal rhythm.
14 You should give these type of thrusts to someone that is choking.
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