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Florence Nightengale Crossword Puzzle

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Florence Nightengale

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Across Down
3 What sickness in 1854 did Florence help treat?
5 Who did Nightingale believe want her to become a nurse?
7 What was Nightingale awarded by Queen Victoria?
8 In 1854 the Crimean warn started between the turks and who eles?
9 What civil war from 1861-1865 did Florence Nightingale?
10 Florence Nightengale's tombstone bears only her _____ and the year in which she was born and died.
12 What Queen invited Nightengale to meet with her in Scotland?
13 What was Florence Nightingale perfession?
16 Nightingale deduced that there was a common link between high mortality and ____.
18 Florence was best know for the work she did to care for the wonded soliders durnig which war?
1 Who made improvements to the condition to the hospital in Scutari?
2 What age was Florence Nightingale when she died?
4 In 1860 Nightingale set up the Nightengale Traing School for who?
6 What was the conditions of the hospital when nightnegale arived in Constantiople?
11 The soliders use to call Nightingale 'Lady With The_____ '.
14 In 1859, Nightingal write the _____ ' Notes on Nursing'.
15 How many months traing did Nightingale recive to become a nurse?
17 Due to the fact that most nurses came from poor familys, how did her parents feel about Nightingale becoming a nurse?
19 Was Florence Nightingale married?
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