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Folk Tale Crossword Puzzle

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Folk Tale

Find all the words that go in the boxes

                        2       3                                    
                      5 6                                            
              9         10                                            
                    12       13     14                                  
              15                       16                              
Across Down
2 When wood is trimmed into a cylinder form
4 Was what all the Lumberjacks were named at the lumberjack camp
5 A type of laugh
9 A type of Bird
10 An animal that goes gobble-gobble
11 A type of dough made from long fermentation dough
12 What we all like to do when were tired
15 A type of Vegetable
16 The tool Paul Bunyan used to cut down trees
17 What we all like to do when were hungry
18 Paul Bunyan's animal companion
20 Paul Bunyan's dairy milk cow and she was purple
22 A person who likes to cut trees down for wood
24 An animal that says cock-a-doodle-dooed
1 The Color of Babe
3 Someone who grows crops
6 Another word to dismiss
7 What farmers grow
8 A state
12 When you trying not to get caught doing something
13 Babe the Blue Ox's best Friend
14 A huge person
19 A person whop creates objects or tools from iron or other metals
21 The Main Character in the Story Paul ______ and Babe the Blue Ox
23 Ducks swim in a _____
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