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Food And Cooking Crossword Puzzle

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Food and Cooking

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Across Down
3 to cut something into pieces with an axe, knife or other sharp instrument
4 a vegetable with long thin whitish or pale green stems which can be eaten raw or cooked
5 the eggs of various large fish, especially the sturgeon, which are eaten as food and are usually very expensive
6 preserved and sold in a metal container
7 to crush food, usually after cooking it, so that it forms a soft mass
9 a small round red fruit with a sour taste
11 a hard dry Italian cheese used especially in cooking and for scattering on particular types of Italian food, such as pasta
12 a thick liquid eaten with food to add flavour
13 a thin clear soup made by boiling meat and vegetables in water
17 to drop a few pieces or drops of something over a surface
1 an electric machine used in the kitchen for breaking down foods or making smooth liquid substances from soft foods and liquids
2 a herb with curly or flat leaves, used to add flavour to food and also to make it look attractive
3 to press something very hard so that it is broken or its shape is destroyed
8 to make meat easy to cut or chew by beating it or preparing it in a particular way
10 a tool with a particular use, especially in a kitchen or house
14 a vegetable which looks like a white stick with long green leaves on top and which tastes and smells like an onion
15 a small square piece of cloth or paper used while you are eating for protecting your clothes or to clean your mouth or fingers
16 a metal device with holes surrounded by sharp edges used to cut food into small pieces
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