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Forces, Motion, And Newton's Laws Crossword Puzzle

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Forces, Motion, and Newton's Laws

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Across Down
8 Acceleration happens when a net force acts on a mass
10 Every action has an opposite and equal reacton
13 Prevents an object from moving when a force is applied
14 Speed of an object at an instant
15 When two or more forces act on an object and do not cancel each other left
16 product of mass and velocity
17 Slows down an object that is in motion
18 When two or more forces act on an object and cancel each other out
19 An object at rest will stay at rest, an object in motion will stay in motion
22 Energy stored in an object because of no movement
1 States that a the momentum of objects that collide with each other doesn't change
2 Cause of an object to speed up, slow down, or turn
3 Man who established the Three Laws of Motion
4 Ability for an object to resist change in its motion
5 Gravitational force between yourself and Earth
6 Number of times the input force is multiplied by a machine
7 Upward force by a fluid when an object is placed in the fluid
9 A push or pull
11 Energy an object has because of its motion
12 Force that exists between any two objects that have mass
13 Distance divided by time
20 Speed and direction of a moving objecct
21 Force that pushes back when you are pushing, sliding, or rolling something
23 Force exerted by a machine to overcome some type resistance
24 The combination of all forces acting upon an object
25 Force exerted on a machine
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