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Forces And Machines Crossword Puzzle

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Forces and Machines

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1 A lever is a solid rod or bar that is supported at a turning point, called the fulcrum.
4 The force that makes an object move or change position.
7 An inclined plane that moves through another object and changes the direction of a downward force to a sideways force.
8 Fluids inside high-pressure tubing that are used to transmit a large force.
10 Using a substance to reduce friction.
11 A wheel which spins freely in one direction and locks in the other direction.
12 The opposing force provided by an object that is being moved by an effort.
14 A lever where the fulcrum is between the load and the effort.
17 The effect of using a lever.
19 A force acting against motion caused by things in contact.
20 Produced when a force causes something to turn.
21 Toothed wheels that transmit a rotational force to another gear or device, such as a wheel.
22 A push or a pull.
23 A type of simple machine that allows a lower effort to be applied but over a longer distance.
2 The object experiencing a force.
3 Friction between a moving object and the fluid it is moving through.
5 A rotating wheel with a grooved circumference.
6 The unit used to measure forces.
9 Friction between a moving object and the air it is moving through.
13 The main pulley in a system used to drive other pulleys.
15 The object exerting a force.
16 A spiral shaped ramp.
18 A direct push or pull by objects touching or in contact with each other.
19 The turning point of a lever.
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