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Across Down
6 our blood type is determined by these
7 statement of where a suspect was at the time of a crime
8 intentionally setting a fire to cause damage or to destroy evidence of another crime
10 Blood type that contains A agglutinogens
11 people with a Type O blood are called universal ______, because they can give blood to anyone
12 a person that may have committed a crime
13 DNA
16 Combined DNA Index System
17 component of our blood that is part of our immune system and destroys pathogens in our body
19 substances that give color to objects, such as paint, hair, and fibers
20 can be classified as loops, arches, or whorls
21 yellowish liquid part of the blood
23 examiners may analyze this type of evidence to determine the type of paper used, printing method, handwriting style, or type of ink to find a match to a suspect
26 depends on the order of the nitrogen bases
27 most common type of fingerprint
28 most abundant cells in our body that are produced in the bone marrow
31 universal solvent
32 process of separating a mixture into its individual components, such as determining the compounds in gasoline
34 crime scene that is the original location of a crime or accident
36 creates the rungs of the ladder and includes nitrogen bases
39 bottom portion of hair in which nuclear DNA can be found
40 can be used to determine the sex, stature, age, and race of a victim
45 Blood type that does contain B agglutinogens
46 Blood type that does not contain A or B agglutinogens
47 database that can be used to find matches for fingerprints found at a crime scene
1 sugar that creates the backbone for DNA
2 protein found in red blood cells that carries oxygen
3 DNA can link a person to this location
4 a person associated with the suspect that may have committed a crime
5 study of firearms and ammunition
9 can be matched to a weapon and analyzed to determine a weapon's size, shape, or length as well as clues about the victim or suspect
10 evidence that includes eyewitness accounts of an accident or crime.
14 can affect DNA left at a crime scene (weather, temperature, humidity, etc.)
15 database used to find matches to bullets or firearms found at a crime scene
18 evidence that is formed as an object leaves a 'mark' on another one, such as tire tracks, toolmarks, and bitemarks
22 used by investigators to detect the presence of blood
24 genetic material that can be extracted from body tissues and used to create a profile to identify a victim or suspect
25 an alternate crime scene where additional evidence of a crime may be found
29 forms when an object is torn, broken; edges can be examined to see if they match
30 substance made of keratin and is composed of cuticle, cortex, and medulla
33 abbreviation for gunshot residue
35 least common type of fingerprint
36 type of fiber made from plants or animals
37 clotting factors in our plasma that clot together to prevent blood loss from a wound
38 people with type AB blood are called universal ____, because they can receive blood from anyone
41 type of print left on a surface at a crime scene, such as a tool handle, glass, door, etc.
42 Blood type that contains A and B agglutinogens
43 the first step in analyzing a crime scene; used to determine the nature of the crime, possible suspects, eyewitness accounts, etc.
44 type of fiber that is man-made
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