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Forensics Fingerprint Crossword Puzzle

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Forensics Fingerprint


  5                     6                             7    
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Across Down
5 actively growing root of hair containing DNA
8 Documented and Unbroken transfer of evidence
10 lines of fingerprint
12 first officer arriving at crime scene
16 First person to document prisoners with a photo
17 recognizing ridges in fingerprint
20 used to recover prints from difficult situations
21 3D print made in soft material
22 hidden fingerprint made visible by powders
25 visible print due to residue
1 layer in epidermis where cells are produced
2 pattern of ridges
3 small molecule that bonds with others to create a polymer
4 Print pattern that looks like a bullseye
6 skin condition that causes lack of fingerprint
7 impression made by ridges
9 A fingerprint pattern starting and ending from one side to other
11 outer layer of pollen grain
13 triangular pattern of ridges
14 conclusions drawn from assumptions
15 ridge pattern flowing inward and returning to origin
18 center of loop of whorl
19 tough outer covering of half composed overlapping scales
23 unique characteristics of print
24 central core of hair fiber
25 female reproductive part of flower
26 layer under surface of skin
27 used to preserve prints
28 place where fingerprints are stored
29 flexible, flat material made of threads
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