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Foundation & Excavation Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Foundation & Excavation

Various terms used in foundations and excavations

                  E   S         C   A       E   G        
                  B A C K F I L L   N       X   E        
                  A   R         E   C       C   O        
                  R   E         A   H       A   T        
                      E         R   O       V   E        
U                     D         S   R       A   X        
N         C                     T   B       T   T        
D         O   M E S H           O   O       I   I        
I         M       T       C     N   L       O   L        
S U P E R P       R       A I R E N T R A I N M E N T    
T         A       I       P                              
U         C       K       I S O L A T I O N J O I N T    
R         T       I       L                              
B       W E E P I N G T I L E                            
E         D   A   G       A                              
D             D         D R A I N A G E L A Y E R        
              F           Y                              
    F O R M W O R K     D A M P P R O O F I N G          
              O           C                       P O L Y
      F R U S T U M     S T R I P F O O T I N G   A      
              I           I                       Y      
      S H R I N K       F O U N D A T I O N W A L L      
              G           N       D               I      
                                  D               N      
                                  I           S W E L L  
                                  I     S                
                                  V     L                
                                K E Y W A Y              
                                  S     B                
Across Down
7 Removed and then put returned or replaced
10 Grid pattern reinforcing for basement
13 Additive to increase work-ability of concrete
14 Additive to allow concrete exposed to the elements to expand and contract
15 Between the foundation wall and the basement slab
16 Drainage used around the footings
18 Promotes the evacuation of water next to the foundation wall
19 Temporary structure to hold the concrete until it cures
20 Prevention of water infiltration through foundation assemblies
21 Under various components to prevent capillary action
22 A pyramid with the top cut off
23 Under the foundation wall to transfer load to the earth
24 Factor for what happen to material over time
25 supported by the strip footing
27 Factor for what happend to matterial as it is disturbed
29 Footing detail to lock in the foundation wall
1 Reinforcing used to limit lateral pressure
2 A typical method of finishing concrete slabs
3 Fill the void between the excavated earth and the basement slab
4 Secure the sill plate on the foundation wall
5 To process of removing soil to make room for the house foundation
6 A cloth material to prevent debris from entering the drainage system
8 Strip and pad footing must rest on it
9 Fill that has been worked to limit the settling
11 The process of removing the forms once the concrete has cured
12 The process of water seemingly moving against gravity
17 Under the teleposts to transfer load to the earth
21 The working distance used in excavations
26 Products to change the work-ability of concrete
28 Last concrete to be poured in a basement
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