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Foundation IN Biology Crossword Puzzle

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Foundation in Biology

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Across Down
1 organism that makes its own food using energy and simple raw materials from the environment
5 an association of two or more atoms
8 experimental results
10 the capacity to do work
12 a community interacting with its enviroment
13 fundamental building block of all matter
15 In an experiment, a characteristic or event that differs among individuals or over time
19 making, testing, and evaluating hypotheses
21 organism whose cell's characteristically have a nucleus
22 In an experiment, a variable that is presumably affected by the independent variable being tested
23 In an experiment, a group of individuals who are not exposed to the independent variable being tested
26 In an experiment, a group of individuals who are exposed to an independent variable
28 group of interbreeding individuals of the same species that live in a given area
29 process by which individuals produce offspring
30 the scientific study of life
31 process by which producers use light energy to make sugars from carbon dioxide and water
32 difference between results derived from testing an entire group of events or individuals, and results derived from testing a subject of the group
33 hypothesis that has not been disproven after many years of rigorous testing
34 an observable characteristic of an organism or species
36 scope of variation among living things
38 set of processes by which an organism keeps its internal conditions within tolerable ranges
2 In multi-celled organisms, set of organs engaged in a collective task that keeps the body functioning properly
3 a microscopic single-celled organism that has neither a distinct nucleus with a membrane nor other specialized organelles
4 a test designed to support or falsify a prediction
6 generalization that describes a consistent natural phenomenon for which there is incomplete scientific explanation
7 testable explanation of a natural phenomenon
9 substance that an organism needs for growth and survival but cannot make for itself
11 smallest unit of life
14 organism that gets energy and nutrients by feeding on tissues, wastes, or remains of other organisms
16 statement based on a hypothesis
17 In multi-celled organisms, a grouping of tissues engaged in a collective task
18 analogous system used for testing hypotheses
20 variable that is controlled by an experimenter in order to explore its relationship to a dependent variable
24 deoxyribonucleic acid; carries hereditary information that guides development and functioning
25 all populations of all species in a given area
27 The chance that a particular outcome of an event will occur
35 all regions of the Earth where organisms live
37 the science of naming and classifying species
39 individual that consists of one or more cells
40 In multi-celled organisms, specialized cells organized in a pattern that allows them to perform a collective function
41 systematic study of the observable world
42 unique type of organism
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