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Foundational Math Crossword Puzzle

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Foundational Math

Vocab Terms

  8                                                   9    
Across Down
1 Any number plus zero always remain the same numberFor identity property in addition, itís best to think of the 0 like a mirror, and the number as itself. Its looking into the mirror and so Itís seeing itself. (I tried my best)
2 A math rule that states that the order in which we multiply numbers does not change the property the word community root is commuted meaning move around.
3 The place value system is based on a pattern of tens. Each place value increase ten times the value of the place to its right. When the decimal is multiplied by the power of 10
4 It refers to two valid rules of replacement the rule allows one to reformulate conjunctions and disjunction within logical proof. So the trick for distributive property is pretty simple, it's just multiplication over addition
5 A factor that is a prime number any of the prime numbers that can be multiplied to give the original number. It helps with fractions and LCM, and GCF by breaking down the composite numbers into the smallest parts. You can then match the different pa
6 Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division There can be a fifth and sixth which is square roots and powers
7 In a fraction the denominator represents the number of equal parts in a whole. And the numerator are how many parts being considered. A whole number and proper fraction put together Multiply the denominator to the whole number and add the numerator
8 A fraction that has a smaller numerator and than the denominator numerator- how many parts there is Denominator- how many equal parts itís divided into
10 A collection of rules in mathematics about which procedures to perform first in order to solve a mathematical expression. they are used because it guarantees that people can all read and solve a problem the same way to get the answer correct, the or
11 Is the positive and negative versions of the number combined to make zero. It's important for understanding how to cancel terms when solving for variables it's used when you solve simple algebraic equations
12 Something that is the same amount or bigger amount than shown. Read it from left to right using the which equals less than and the = meaning equal too.
1 Any number multiplied by 1 gives the same result as the number itself; the identity of the number remains the same. no matter what happens to you personally, you will always have your identity. You start as yourself, you will end as yourself. A 5 st
9 A portion to share from a whole. A percent as a ratio looks like m:n or m/n to convert into a percentage you must divide m by n and then multiply by 100 to get the percent
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