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Foundations OF Accounting A Crossword Puzzle

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Foundations of Accounting A

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Across Down
4 Amount owed by a business to outsiders
8 Sorts, classifies, records and reports information about the business's transactions
10 Measures the financial performance of a business
11 Convert raw materials to products for sale
12 Receipt of resources generated by the service or trading activities of a business
13 The Act that legislates the creation of a company
14 Goods and Servics Tax [abbreviation]
15 Reports assets, liabilities and owners equity
17 Owner of a company
18 Two or more owners who jointly own a business
21 An instance of buying or selling something
22 The original record containing the details to substantiate a transaction entered in an accounting system
1 A cost incurred in generating income by a business
2 A written acknowledgement
3 The difference between what is earned and what is spent in a business
5 The process or work of keeping financial accounts
6 Institute of Public Accountants [abbreviated]
7 This business purchases goods that are ready for ale and aims to sell them at a profit
9 Outputs of the accounting system
16 Resource of business tht will provide a future benefit
19 Business owned by a single person
20 This principle requires all transactions to be recorded at cost
23 The residual interet an owner has in a business
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