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French Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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French Revolution

5                                           6
Across Down
4 After they were locked out of the meeting place of the Estates-General, representatives of the Third Estate made this promise in a nearby indoor tennis court
5 King of France during the revolution
7 This group was composed of the French nobility
8 Name given to the intellectual period of 18th-century Europe
9 Idea that a monarch rules through the might and will of God
10 This was the basis of the French economy in the 18th century
11 The __________ of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was a document that proclaimed “Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity,” and that described basic human rights
12 Device for beheading commonly used in the French Revolutionary period
1 This group was composed of the bourgeoisie, artisans, workers, and peasants.
2 Design of the new French flag
3 This governmental body ruled France from 1791 to 1792 as a limited monarchy
6 Composed of the high-ranking clergy
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