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French Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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French Revolution

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Across Down
4 'Men are born and remain free in equals and rights.' These rights included 'Liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression.' Also guaranteed citizens equal justice, freedom in speech and liberty.
6 An item of food that was raised high in taxes.
7 A social class made up of rich nobles that owned 20% of land and paid almost no taxes.
8 A group of members that turned on Robespierre.
11 Loyalty to one's own country.
13 A French national holiday similar to United States 'Fourth of July'.
14 Beheading machine
15 Marie Antonette's nickname
16 Emperor of Russia
1 A ranking of people that made 80% of France.
2 One of the areas of Europe free from Napoleon's control.
3 Body had power to create laws and to approve or reject declarations of war.
5 A wave of senseless panic.
9 Three Large Social Classes
10 Social and political class of France in 1700's
12 A tiny island off the Italian coast where Napoleon was banished to.
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