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French Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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French Revolution

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Across Down
8 The country Marie Antoinette was from
10 'Let them eat cake'
11 was held in a near by tennis court
14 the very violent period of time during the French revolution under the rule of Robespierre
15 middle class including merchantís industrialist and people part of the 3rd estate
17 the social classes in France
18 group that was liked by the king and wanted no changes
20 a promise made by the member of the national assembly
23 2% of the population
24 a machine used to behead people
25 the rural poor farmers who paid about half of their income in taxes
26 did not choose a side and did not care about the king at all
27 a group of 5 men who were given control of France after the reign of terror
1 1% of the population
2 the radical leader during the French revolution
3 97% of the population
4 a major change
5 a combination of the absolute monarchy and feudalism in France Suffrage, the right to vote
6 a horrible leader with massive dept
7 the urban poor they were cooks servants who were paid low wages
9 a major change that began in 1789
12 a term for people who fled France and hoped to restore the old regime
13 a radical supporter of the French revolution
15 a prison and armory
16 a group that hated the king and wanted drastic change
19 when each estate received one vote
21 a rebellion that spread from Paris to countryside
22 a place built by Louis XIV outside of Paris
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