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Fun & Factual Fungi Crossword Puzzle

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Fun & Factual Fungi

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                            44   45                          
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3 The Hydnellum genus of mushrooms is known for this under their caps.
6 One would commonly find Lactarius deliciosus under pine and _____.
7 A popular, edible parasitic mushroom, growing in clumps (common name).
10 A complex network of fungal cells, which include hyphae, is called ______.
13 A milk cap species known for its vibrant colour.
14 The genus of a common coral type of fungi that tastes like lobster.
16 A common name of Amanita muscaria (two words).
18 The Japanese know this yummy mushroom as maitake (four words).
19 A famous artist of whimsical mushrooms and fungi (first name).
22 A polypore, the underside which can be drawn upon (common name, two words).
23 An identifying feature of Suillus mushrooms (aka Slippery Jacks).
24 Edible only before spores form.
25 Mushrooms are more accurately identified as _____ bodies.
26 The cap of young fairy ring mushrooms (Marasmius oreades) has this feature.
27 One of the most common phyla of Fungi, which produces fruiting bodies.
28 A common name for this apricot-pink to orange mushroom, Rhodotus palmatus (two words).
32 Avoid using these types of bags when foraging for mushrooms.
33 A disappointing oyster look-a-like. This mushroom smells terrible (genus).
35 The forest floor is scoured for this ‘King’.
36 The species of the juicy “Strawberry and Cream” mushroom.
37 Agaricus mushrooms are known for having this iconic feature around their stem.
38 The name given when the skin of a mushroom cap peels easily.
39 This bolete, Fuscoboletinus ochraceoroseus, is associated with this tree.
40 The study of fungi.
42 A way to preserve mushrooms.
44 Many little brown mushrooms (LBMs) fall into this genus of mushroom.
46 The butter of Halloween.
47 The mushroom that drives the spring race of mycophiles.
48 A distinct, visible feature of Amanita muscaria.
1 Russulas are great for showing this feature of stalks when they’re broken.
2 Long, cylindrical branched cells, which form after spore germination.
4 The classification fungi falls under this scientific kinship group.
5 The vivid Chlorociboria aeruginascens is this type of fungi.
6 Also known as “Lawyer’s Wig” (two words).
8 Oyster mushrooms have this kind of characteristic gill.
9 Seek this polypore if you’re looking to start a fire (common name, two words).
11 Harmonious fungi.
12 Mushroom hunters seek the Dentinum repandum under a different common name.
15 Common name for this iconic mushroom, Crucibulum laeve (two words).
17 Alberta’s official mushroom (two words).
20 The Northern Pestle is a _____ mushroom.
21 When fungi spores are identical to their parent, the fungi reproduced using this method.
29 Mushroom genus of the elves.
30 Common name of a mushroom that may scare and startle passerbys.
31 A term for ‘magic’ mushrooms.
33 This mold is one of our greatest medical discoveries.
34 The type of mushroom that decomposes dead, organic material.
41 Lichen is formed from fungi and _____.
43 Ramaria are a genus of coral mushroom, known for little _____ on the tips.
45 The genus of a beautiful, fragile, lacy parasol mushroom.
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