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Fun Facts About Dachshunds Crossword Puzzle

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Fun Facts About Dachshunds

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Across Down
5 A dog named was Dash was the first Dachshund registered to this organization in1885
9 Obie was a Dachshund who became famous for his obesity: this was his weight in pounds at his maximum (2 words)
10 Dachshunds are the As the result of breeding between the German Short-Haired Pointer, the Pinscher and what other breed.
11 One of 3 coat styles that Dachsunds come in
12 The age of the oldest documented Dachshund (two words)
14 The literal German translation of Dachshund (2 words)
18 Former President John F. Kennedy being a big fan of this breed. He picked one up while on tour to Germany in 1937. However, the Dachshund unfortunately never made the journey to America because the President began to suffer intense what?
1 A famous artist, whose work was inspired by his pet Dachshund named Lump
2 Owner Rebecca Smith from United Kingdom did this to her twelve-year-old Dachshund Winnie
3 What breed shares the same amount of bones and nearly the same DNA makeup as a Dachshund? (2 words)
4 There are 2 size classes for Dachshunds: the minature weighs less than 11# and the standard weighs greater than 16#. What is the slang term for Dachshunds weighing between 11-16#?
6 Dachshunds are the smallest breed in which AKC group?
7 Famous British female, who stated: “Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund.” (2 words)
8 One of 6 coat markings that Dachshund come in
13 One of 15 color combinations that Dachshunds come in
15 What did the 1972 Munich Olympic Games and the Dachshund breed have in common?
16 Which US President had a dachshund in the White House (2 words)
17 Dachshunds have a good noses: their nose has 125 million scent receptors. This compares to a human, who has only ___ million scent receptors.
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