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Across Down
2 What grade is Drew in?
4 Who was Bryant's star player?
7 What was House's reason for not putting Drew in the second half of the FDA game?
11 Drew _________ Tomas after the Warrick game.
12 They lost their league game against Fredrick ___________ Academy.
13 What is the assistant coaches name?
15 What kind of plays did House like to play?
19 Against Wheatly, Balwin had won by ___________ point(s).
20 Baldwin's final playoff against ___________ and lost by one point.
21 Baldwin _________ their first game.
23 All of the starters on Baldwin got scholarships ___________ Drew at the game.
24 What did coach like to be called?
26 After the Brayant game, a college reporter asked for Drew's _________
27 At the beginning, Drew did not like _________ very well.
28 Baldwin had won against Warrick by _______ point(s).
1 Drew's sisters name (first).
3 What position does Tomas Dvorski play?
4 Roosevelt lost by 12 points by ___________ .
5 What position does Drew and Ernie Alvarez play?
6 The first non-league game was against _________.
8 Balwin had won against __________ Hill.
9 Our Lady of Mercy was Baldwin's _________ game on Saturday and Baldwin won by four points.
10 If Baldwin kept winning, Baldwin had ________ games on Saturday and one on Sunday.
12 Main characters name (first and last).
14 When Baldwin played Brayant the second time, Baldwin _________ by one point.
16 Where was Tomas from?
17 What position does Sky Jones and Ruffy Williams play?
18 Jocelyn is extremely _____________.
22 A couple of days later, he ___________ scholarships and chose to go to DePaul.
25 Drew had _________ the ball from Tomas and made the winning shot against Powell.
26 What was Drews dream to play in?
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