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Across Down
1 What is the surname of the protagonist in the TOMB RAIDER series?
8 Which poker hand is ranked directly below three-of-a-kind?
9 Complete the title of the classic 1989 NES game: RIVER CITY __
12 Complete the title of a 1984 game by Atari: MARBLE __
13 Complete the piece name from the game Operation: 'The __ __Connected to the Knee Bone'
14 What real-life pro boxer was the final opponent in the 1987 NES PUNCH-OUT!! game?
15 Agility & deftness are synonyms for what word, which is one of the 6 main D&D ability scores?
16 Which space on a MONOPOLY board is in the corner, 10 spaces before 'Go'?
20 What 1979 arcade hit features a small, triangular ship shooting at objects in outer space?
23 Eddy Gordo & Yoshimitsu are characters in what fighting game series?
24 Voltorb, Zapdos and Jolteon are all examples of which Pokemon type?
26 In which modern country was the board game GO invented, over 2500 years ago?
27 What is the name of the bandicoot who battles Dr. Neo Cortex in a series of popular video games?
28 In the GOD OF WAR series, which God's soul must Kratos steal to traverse the River Styx?
2 What type of bird is the character Kaepora Gaebora in the LEGEND OF ZELDA series?
3 The 1993 sequel to the popular MANIAC MANSION video game was known as 'DAY OF THE __'
4 Which video game company released the handheld 3DS in 2011?
5 What console was released in 2001 to compete with Gamecube and Playstation 2?
6 An alternate cover was released for MADDEN NFL 09 after Brett Favre unretired to join which team?
7 'Inhale' and 'Stone' are moves for which round, pink character in the SUPER SMASH BROS. series?
10 In what kingdom to Mario & Luigi reside?
11 Which CLUE weapon has the longest name?
17 Which island territory in RISK is considered to border both Iceland and Ontario?
18 The 4 Gen 1 Pokemon starters are Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and which other?
19 What word precedes 'OF THE WILD' in the title of a 2017 LEGEND OF ZELDA game?
21 'Moisture Farm' is one of the utilities in the MONOPOLY edition based on which film series?
22 'WILD DRAW FOUR' is a card associated with what Mattel game?
24 What race is Treebeard, one of the characters from the LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS video game?
25 In what popular sandbox game series do players control the daily lives of virtual people in their homes?
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