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Gastrulation Crossword Puzzle

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Complete the crossword puzzle below

                        1 2         3                    
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Across Down
1 The mesoderm that gives rise to the mesothelial covering of the visceral organs.
4 The direction in which cells invaginating in the primitive pit move
8 Located at the cranial end of the primitive streak
9 The mesoderm that is formed from proliferating cells from sides of primitive node and streak
10 The outer layer which the epiblast transforms into
11 Appearance of the primitive streak symbolizes the beginning of
12 Which mesoderm contributes to connective tissue of body wall and limbs?
13 The mesoderm that contributes to the formation of lymph, endothelium and blood
14 Lies between two other extraembryonic membranes and stores urinary waste, and helps with the exchange of gases in general, which makes it a crucial structure since it delivers oxygen to the embryo.
16 The only germ layer which undergoes gastrulation
17 A membrane structure that marks the site of the future oral cavity
18 Cells from the epiblast migrate towards the primitive streak then detach from the epiblast and slips beneath it and this process is called?
20 Give rise to all other tissues of the body, including the dermis of the skin, the heart, the muscle system, the urogenital system, the bones, and the bone marrow
21 Develop into the skeletal muscle of the limbs and body
2 A small depression within the primitive knot
3 Also known as primitive node
5 Embryonic connective tissue that forms the intra and extra embryonic membrane
6 Which cells are replaced by endoderm cells during gastrulation?
7 Contributes to the epithelia and glands of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract and the renal bladder
8 Linear midline condensation of cells derived from the epiblast at the posterior region of the embryo.
12 Gives rise to ribs and vertebrae
15 Membrane structure that eventually becomes the anus
18 Gives rise to the dermis of the dorsal body
19 This structure gives rigidity and serves as a basis for the development of the axial skeleton
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