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Gatsby Passage Crossword Puzzle

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Gatsby Passage

  3         4                           5            
                7                                 8  
            9                     10                  
  11                                   12              
14               15                                    
                16                     17              
            20                       21                
Across Down
2 the quality in a substance that affects the sense of taste or of smell
3 strong or vehement expression of disapproval: as by a legislative body of one of its members
6 to find fault with (a person, group, etc.); blame; censure; to upbraid; to be a cause of blame or discredit to
9 violent disorder or commotion.
11 to prove to be false or erroneous, as an opinion or charge.
12 force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events
13 the feeling with which a person regards anything considered mean, vile, or worthless; disdain; scorn
14 sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell, as if by a penetrating power; biting; acrid; acutely distressing to the feelings or mind; poignant.
15 unable to be remedied or rectified; irretrievable
16 haughtily disdainful or contemptuous, as a person or a facial expression
18 open or unqualified contempt; disdain; an object of derision or contempt
19 having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, as softness or delicacy.
21 low and harsh; hoarse; rough, brusque, or surly
22 characterized by melancholy; longing; yearning; pensive, especially in a melancholy way
1 power or ability to act or to influence people, events, decisions, etc.; sway
4 to say or do again or repeatedly; repeat, often excessively.
5 puffed out
7 refractory or unruly; readily angered; peevish; irritable; quarrelsome
8 sharp or severe in effect; intense; extremely great or serious; crucial; brief and severe
10 a view or prospect, especially one seen through a long, narrow avenue or passage, as between rows of trees or houses
17 barely; hardly; not quite
20 an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful,
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