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Genetic Engineering Crossword Puzzle

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Genetic Engineering

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Across Down
6 use of technology to manipulate and change genes
7 all the DNA of a particular organism
8 choosing organisms with desirable traits to reproduce
9 cutting and recombining genes
12 used to cut DNA at a specific sequence of bases
13 type of cloning in which an entire organism is reproduced
15 DNA that has taken up foreign DNA from another species
17 technology used to determine paternity by creating a unique banding pattern. Every individual has their own unique pattern
1 type of cloning in which cells are reproduced (stem cells)
2 prokaryotic organisms which contain plasmids
3 a small circular piece of DNA
4 another term for a genetically modified organism
5 a genetically identical copy of an organism
6 technology used to separate DNA fragments
10 cross between organisms with different traits (example pug with a poodle)
11 a 'vehicle' used to deliver DNA during gene therapy
14 the investigation of crimes
16 example of a type of vector
18 inserting functional genes into the cells that have non-working genes
19 polymerase chain reaction (abbrev.) used to amplify DNA
20 organism that contains DNA from other organisms (abbreviation)
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