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Genetics Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Haploid reproductive sex cells, have only one allele of each gene
4 Sequence of DNA that codes for one trait
8 When neither allele of a gene is dominant and can create a hybrid phenotype
9 When pollen (sperm) from a plant fertilizes an egg on the same plant
10 All outside forces that act on an organism
11 An organism that displays the dominant trait but carries both the dominant and recessive allele
13 Allele that controls a trait
14 A hereditary quality of an organism
15 Allele whose trait is hidden by dominant allele
16 The scientific study of heredity
19 When pollen from one plant fertilizes an egg on another plant
21 Any trait coded for by a gene on the sex chromosomes
24 A cross that involves one trait, one characteristic, or one pair of contrasting traits
1 'Father of Genetics'
2 Occurs when both alleles of a gene are shown in the phenotype; neither is dominant over the other
5 Grid used to show all possible offspring resulting from a cross between two parents
6 Offspring of the P1 parents, have only one of the two parental traits
7 Chromosomes that determine gender of individuals
12 All chromosomes that are not involved with gender
17 The physical appearance of a trait
18 Two-letter symbols representing the types of genes present in an organism
20 Different forms of a gene
22 Traits that are passed from parents to offspring
23 Contrasting forms of a characteristic
25 Genotype in which both alleles of a gene are the same
26 Offspring of the F1 generation
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