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Genetics Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
10 A chromosome that resembles the brushes used to clean kerosene-lamp chimneys
13 States that an organism develops from the fertilized egg by a succession of developmental events that eventually transform the egg into an adult
14 A phase in mitosis that takes 18 minutes long
16 Shortest stage of mitosis
17 Replicates later during the S phase of the cell cycle
18 Strand of RNA
21 The genetic material is partitioned into daughter cells during nuclear division
22 Condensed or constricted region of each chromosome
23 Contain large amounts of the positively charged amino acids lysine and arginine
24 A bond where phosphoric acid is joined to two alcohols by an ester linkage on both sides
25 Biological catalysts
27 Contain DNA similar to bacteria and viruses
28 Observable traits
30 A form from the uncoiling of chromosome
31 Prokaryotic to eukaryotic
34 Studies the structure, function, and evolution of genes and genomes
35 A theory that states that the fertilized egg contains a complete miniature adult
38 Charles Darwin
39 Break hydrogen bonds and denature the double helix of DNA
40 A set of alleles for a given trait carried by an organism
41 Branch of biology concerned with the study of heredity and variation
42 Type IIIS
43 A theory that states all organisms are composed of basic units called cells
44 Conducted a decade-long series of experiments using pea plants
45 One of DNA's nucleotides
46 Houses DNA
1 Formulated and proposed independently the natural selection
2 2n
3 Sex cells
4 n
5 Lack nuclear envelope
6 The Origin of Species
7 Binds to the spindle fiber during division
8 A general term describing lateral condensations of material along the axis of a chromosome
9 Chromatin fibers coil and condense
11 Chromosomes are copied and distributed so that each daughter cell receives a set of chromosomes identical to those in the parental cell
12 One of the chemical processes associated with histones
14 A process of infection by only the viral nucleic acid
15 Enzyme of DNA
19 Biologically significant conformation of DNA
20 Helps preserve the integrity and stability of the chromosome
26 The RNA consists of the nitrogenous base _________ instead of thymine.
27 Ultraviolet light
29 Beads on a string
32 The active form of DNA Polymerase III
33 Initial stage of mitosis
35 Cytosine, thymine, and uracil
36 Associated with gamete formation
37 The synthesis of proteins under the direction of mRNA
45 One of whom described the structure of DNA
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