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Geneva History Crossword Puzzle

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Geneva History

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Across Down
1 Air Force Base
3 Had a training program on Seneca Lake
5 Apple developed at the experimental station
6 Three Hobart College students began preparing meals for fellow students, which was the beginning of this corporation
8 This distribution center on Gambee Road closed in 1992
9 In 1955, principal of DeSales grammar school
10 In the 1940s, these were collected to make Navy life jackets
13 Nickname for a person from an apple-growing region
15 Greek Revival Mansion
16 620 feet deep, over 32 feet long
18 September 29, 1964, he stopped by during his campaign for US Senator
22 Company owned by Ekco products left Geneva in 1961
23 Army base
25 This company built the sesquicentennial time capsule
26 Lehigh Valley Railroad
27 Female college students attended
30 For the Sampson Naval Training Station, Geneva was this port
1 1982 acquired Libby plant on Gambee Road
2 Location of International Papaer Company
4 Sport that Geneva Red Birds played
7 HObart College Freshman had to wear this until the football scored their first touchdown
11 Rock and Roll band that released a single that reached number 80 on Billboard
12 In the 1970s, the Hotel Seneca bar moved to the
14 30 years earlier Patti's Lakeview Diner was
17 Moved into the former Geneva Forge building
19 Located to south of Seneca-Cayuga Canal
20 Hosted this Central New York covention in July 1957
21 Male college students attended
24 Group of five musical friends from Geneva High School 1975 class
28 Geneva touted itself as '_____ _____Capital of the World'
29 Former restaurant on Pulteney Street, that is now a landscape entrance to Hobart and William Smith
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