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Across Down
2 a piece of writing that tries to convince people something
4 a suspenseful story about a puzzling event
6 explains thing that happen in nature usually with gods
8 a story that could happen in the future
10 a story with made up characters but is set in the real world
11 someone telling a story about their self
12 a story that could be true but theirs no proof that it is
14 a book that teaches you stuff
15 a story that has a pattern and sometimes has rhyming in it
16 someone telling a story about another real person
18 stories that are true or informational books
1 a magical story that starts with once upon a time
3 a story that is most of the time in the wild west and is stretched out
5 a story thats not true
7 a story with fictional characters that is set in a real time in history
9 stories passed on through oral storytelling
13 a fiction story that includes impossible things like magic
17 a very scary story
19 a story that teaches a lesson
20 a story that will make you laugh
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