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Geography Crossword Puzzle

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                        1     2    
                      3           4
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Across Down
1 type of car that gets about 46 miles per gallon
6 land created to feed millions
8 main purpose of second and third level activities is to change the ______________
9 created by dams to provide water for farms and cities
12 chemicals used to grow more crops
14 region in the US that once supported wild grasses and buffalo
16 a richness of different kinds of living things in a region
17 believe air pollution has caused climate change
2 agriculture, forestry, and fishing provide food and ________ that people need to live
3 companies that face the challenge of harvesting needed wood while limiting damage
4 waste, usually man-made, that makes the air, water, or soil less clean
5 key is to find a _________________
7 a loss of forest cover in a region
10 cars don't emit dangerous chemicals
11 a solution to cutting wild timber is to create _______ farms
13 reduces amounts of waste
15 interaction with raw materials
18 engineering for building structures that alter the landscape
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