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Geography Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
2 the layer underneath the crust.
3 a simplified description of a system to represent reality.
7 magma spread horizontally between layers of rock.
9 a downward fold in rock layers.
13 melted rock material that has reached the earths surface.
14 the transportation of a population from rural to urban status.
15 a crack in the earths crust caused bt stress.
16 when a person from another ccountry settled in this country.
19 tha process in which plants gives off water.
23 a loss in the number of people living in an area.
24 the thin layer of gases surounding the earth.
26 solid outer layer of the earth.
29 the process in which water on the ground enters the soil.
30 the process in which liquid water is turned into vapour.
32 the number of people in an area (population).
33 a scale used to compare the strength of earthquakes.
35 rock built up in layers.
37 place where earthquakes starts.
38 the frozen deposition of water vapour from saturated air.
39 another word for inert (gases).
1 the gaseous form of water (2 words).
4 mushroom-shaped intrusion.
5 an area on earth's surface immediatly above the focus of an earthquake.
6 the movement of people from one eara to another.
8 incoming short-wave radiation.
10 water vapour in the air.
11 a fold where one limb of the fold is steeper than the other.
12 the angle formed between the line indicating true north and the line indicating magneyic north (2 words).
17 abbreviation of geographic information system.
18 a gas with no colour or smell that is very important for life on earth.
20 measurement of the angle between a north line and a line joining 2 points.
21 preciptation in the form of pieces of ice.
22 crack through which magma rises to the earth.
25 the large continent from which all our continents came, the 1st continent.
27 an area where the pipe of magma opens onto the suface.
28 matters concerning the state.
31 lines drawn around the world, each line is parallal to the earth.
32 the number of deaths per thousand people per year.
34 a small amount (as in populated).
36 a very big ocean wave.
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