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Geography IN The News Crossword Puzzle

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Geography In The News

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Across Down
4 What was the main issue in Texas that proposed changes in voting rights?
7 The courts have also repeatedly called for ------------- plans.
8 What party or class had been known for manipulating bounderies?
10 A federal court ruled that Texas used improper ----------- to redraw its districts.
12 What state did the Gov. Elbridge Gerry belong to?
15 Geography plays an important role in --------- politics.
17 Redistricting continues to be very ----------- subject.
1 What percent of districts were White?
2 A requirement in the 1965 federal ------ Rights Act,.
3 According to the -----, the state used an inadequate analysis to determine whether new districts discriminate against minorities.
5 After what year did districts weaken minority voting powers that were unlawful?
6 What race was a particular concern, that had to make up 38 percent of the states population?
9 What month did the federal court rule Texas to not proceed with elections using new redistricting maps?
11 How many representatives represent each state?
13 What percent of districts were Hispanics?
14 The U.S. Census, which is conducted every ------.
16 Who was one person that helped with the book 'Human Geography, People, Place and Culture?'
18 What percent of districts were African Americans?
19 What state could be used as an example for population change?
20 Federal laws interpreted by the U.S. ------- Court.
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