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Geography OF Europe Crossword Puzzle

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Geography of Europe

Political and Physical Features of Europe

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Across Down
2 Longest river in Germany and important waterway for trade
6 Important route for trade and cultural exchange
7 Located south of Russia and the Danube ends here
8 Country located north of the English Channel
9 Located between the United Kingdom and France
11 Country located southwest of France
12 Forms natural border between France and Spain
13 Extends 2000 miles and the largest mountain-free landform in Europe
14 2nd largest river in Europe and important for trade
1 Country located east of France and the Rhine River flows through it
3 2nd largest peninsula in Europe and located on the countries of Portugal and Spain
4 Country located in Europe and Asia
5 Country located east of Spain and west of Germany
10 Mountain range that is a popular tourist destination
15 Mountain range that is located in Russia
16 Country located south of Germany and southeast of France
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