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Geography Revision Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Geography Revision

                    F A U N A       C      
                      B         B   A      
                      I     F   I   N      
                      O     L   O   O   N  
                      T     O   T   P   O  
              B I O D I V E R S I T Y   R  
                N     C     A   C       T  
  N U T R I E N T                       H  
                E L E C T R I C I T Y   E  
W A R M W A T E R                       R  
                D E F O R E S T A T I O N  
    C L I M A T E                          
                P H O T O S Y N T H E S I S
                E                     A   H
P O L L U T I O N                     V   R
                D                     A   U
            O V E R F I S H I N G     N   B
                N                     A    
S Y M B I O T I C                          
                E C O S Y S T E M          
Across Down
1 Another term for animals in the ecosystem
7 Peru has a rich _________ that boasts over 1800 species of birds......
9 What type of cycle involves decomposition?
10 What are dams used to generate?
11 What condition of water do we find coral reefs?
12 What type of threat has caused the Amazon to lose thousands of square miles?
13 Geographical name fro the average temperature
14 Involves the absorption of carbon dioxide in the environment
17 The introduction of harmful materials in the environment
18 What type of threat causes eco-systems to become unbalanced?
19 When animals and plants are reliant on each other
20 When organisms work together to form a bubble of life
2 What word refers to anything that is non-living?
3 What is the top layer of the rainforest called?
4 What word refers to anything that is living?
5 Another term for plants in the ecosystem
6 Which hemisphere are temperate forests in?
8 What word refers to when factor rely on each other?
15 The biome located between rainforests and deserts
16 What is the bottom layer of the rainforest called?
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