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Geology Crossword Puzzle Answer

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      D               C   O           H            
      A   D   A       A   U     I     A            
  I   U   E   B       R   T     G     L            
  N   G   E   S       B   C     N     F            
  T   H   P   O       O   R     E     L            
  R   T   T   L     U N C O N F O R M I T Y        
  U   E   I   U     N     P     U     F            
  S T R O M A T O L I T E   D   S     E            
  I       E   E     F       E     S                
  O     R           O       C     O                
  N     E   I     C R U S T A L P L A T E          
        L   S       M       Y     I                
  M E T A M O R P H I C           D                
        T   T       T                              
        I   O   P L A T E T E C T O N I C S        
    I   V   P       R                              
    N   E   E       I                              
    D           L   A S T H E N O S P H E R E      
P R E C A M B R I A N                              
A   X     A     Q   I     M           S   C        
R         N     U   S U P E R P O S I T I O N      
E         T     I   M     S   L   E   R   N        
N         L     D         O   A   D   A   V        
T         E               S   S   I   T   E        
                          P   T   M   A   C        
                          H   I   E       T        
                          E   C   N       I        
                          R       T     F O S S I L
                          E       A       N        
                                T R A C E          
Across Down
9 break in a rock sequence caused by erosion or lack of deposition
10 layered structure of calcium carbonate made by cyanobacteria
15 can be oceanic or continental and floats atop the asthenosphere
16 rock formed when an existing rock's atoms are recombined under intense heat and pressure
17 theory that lithosphere is made of crustal plates that move and interact at their boundaries
20 most plastic part of the mantle
21 era that represents almost 90% of the Earth's history
26 law that states that higher strata in a rock sequence are younger
29 evidence of ancient life preserved in Earth's crust
30 type of fossil that provides indirect evidence of ancient life
1 isotope after releasing radioactive energy
2 one of its isotopes is used in the dating of organic material
3 a section or rock that appears above the surface of surrounding land
4 time it takes for half a radioactive sample to decay
5 theory that Earth's history spans billions of years
6 type of dating that allows determination of number of years since an event occured
7 rock formed from recrystallization of magma
8 rock that forms when magma invades preexisting rock
9 theory that geological processes have always fundamentally been the same
11 disintegration of an unstable atom, releasing radiation
12 state of the inner core
13 type of dating that allows layers of rock to be placed in chronological order
14 type of element defined by its atomic mass
18 type of fossil that provides information on relative age of rock layer
19 state of the outer core
21 isotope prior to releasing radioactive energy
22 plastic layer of the Earth
23 inner most layer of the mantle
24 a layer of sedimentary rock
25 method of energy transfer that causes the mantle to crack, tear and move the Earth's crust
27 a substance having properties of a solid that flows under pressure
28 rock formed from erosion and deposition of preexisting rock or organic material
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