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                        1         2          
                  3           4              
        6 7                                  
        11                               12    
15                             16           17  
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Across Down
3 sequence of justified conclusions used to prove the validity of an if-then statement
5 a polygon with three sides
6 the point in space where two parallel lines seem to meet
9 the composite of two reflections over parallel lines
11 angles between two lines cut by a transversal
13 an angle whose measure is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees
14 an angle whose measure is 90 degrees
16 in the same line
18 the side opposite the right angle in a right triangle
1 a zero-dimensional figure; while usually left undefined, has four main representions
2 aka line segment; the set of points consisting of two distinct points and all inbetween them
4 non-coplanar lines that don't intersect
7 nonstraight and nonzero angles that have a common side in the interior of the angle formed by the noncommon sides
8 one-dimensional figure that consists of one endpoint A, one point B, all of the points on , and all points for which B is between them and A
10 the angle opposite one of the equilateral sides in an isoscoles triangle
12 the amount of space a 3-D object can hold
15 important mathematical statements which can be proven by postulates, definitions, and/or previously proved theorems
17 the union of 2 rays that have the same endpoint; measured in degrees or radians
19 two-dimensional group of points that goes on infinitely in all directions
20 measure of the tilt of a line; rise over run
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