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Across Down
2 a location that is in space with no physical features and cannot be measured
9 Part of a line with only one end point and uncountable number of points on it
13 Three non-collinear points that determine a plan
14 Must be at least one point not on the line for the plane to exist
15 Length of a line segment that is the difference between x and y
16 Angle greater that is 180 degrees
17 Must be at least one point not on the plane for the space to exist
20 2 lines that intersect at a poitn
21 Two points that determine a line
22 To find the distance between two points on a line you use this postulate
23 You can find the measure of a large angle by adding the measure of 2 angles that share a common ray
25 Through any 3 non-collinear points one plane can be drawn
27 2 palnes that intersect in a line
28 All points that are on the same line
29 A figure where all points do not lie on a flat surface and at least one point is off the planes
30 Through any two points a line can be drawn
31 Points on a line that can be associated with exactly one real number
35 Given two points in a plane and the line containing them
1 Cartesian coordinate system
3 A figure where all points are collinear
4 2 angles that share a common vertex but do not overlap
5 A dot on a coordinate point representing a coordinate
6 A line, ray, or segment that is an intersection at a midpoint
7 A ray that is the interior of an angle and divides two angles equally in half
8 a collection of ALL the possible points
10 Named after a Greek mathematician Euclid of Alexandria
11 Convex set
12 From postulates these can be proven true
13 Four non-coplanar points that determine space
18 A figure that is 2D and all of the points on the figure are the same distance from a given point
19 Two rays that have the same endpoint
24 flat surface that has no physical features and goes in all direction; it can contain coordinates
26 a dense figure with a point that has no length or width and always represents the shortest past between two points
32 a part of the line with only two endpoints and all of the point in between those two points
33 A figure where all points lie on the same plane
34 An object
36 Rise over run
37 It shares the same endpoint but no other point is common, so that all the points a collinear
38 Assumptions that are made from a point, line, and plane
39 postulate that is between two points on a line
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