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Geometry Crossword Puzzle

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                2       3                
            8     9                      
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Across Down
2 the segment that goes through the center or a circle, with endpoints on the circle
6 a solid shape with one curved surface and two circular bases
9 lines that are the same distance apart
11 to cross over one another
13 a solid shape with a polygon as a base and triangular faces that taper to a point
14 a quadrilateral with opposite sides that are parallel
15 lines that intersect at right angles to each other
17 two angles whose sum is 180 degrees
19 a polygon with four sides
20 the amount of space taken up by a shape
21 when one half is a mirror image of the other half
23 a solid shape with a circular base and a curved surface that tapers to a point
24 the flat surface of a three-dimensional shape
1 a straight line joining two points of a circle
3 a triangle with three equal sides and three equal angles
4 a shape with three or more straight sides
5 the distance around the outside of a shape
7 a three-dimensional solid that is perfectly round
8 the bottom face of a solid
10 a solid 3-dimensional shape with 2 identical parallel bases and all other faces are rectangles
12 two angles whose sum is 90 degrees
16 a triangle with two equal sides and two equal angles
18 two lines that meet at a common point
21 a triangle in which all three sides are a different length
22 an angle that measures less than 90 degrees
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