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Geometry Puzzle Crossword Puzzle

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Geometry Puzzle

                                            1       2            
                                        4   5                    
                              6                     7            
                    14           15                                
                                17                     18          
          19             20                                        
          21   22                                 23                
                                25       26   27                    
28             29                     30                            
32                     33                                          
Across Down
1 Exactly 90 degrees
3 A parallelogram with four congruent sides and oppsoite sides parallel
6 A parallelogram with four right angles and four congruent sides
7 A nine sided polygon
8 A ten sided polygon
9 A six sided polygon
10 The same shape but not the same size
12 Two lines that intersect at 90 degree angles.
13 A four sided polygon
14 Less than 90 degrees
15 A quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and congruent
17 Two angles that total 90 degrees
21 Two angles that total 180 degrees
25 Four sets of angles formed by a transversal crossing parallel lines
28 The unit of measure for angles and temperature
29 Connects two points
31 A triangle with no congruent sides
32 Greater than 90 but less than 180 degress
33 Two rays with a common point
34 180 degree angle
35 A pair of angles that are formed by intersecting lines.
37 An eight sided polygon
38 A three sided polygon
2 The line that intersects two parallel lines and forms corresponding angles
4 A parallelogram with four right angles
5 A quadrilateral with one set of parallel sides
11 A polygon with all angles and sides congruent
14 A pair of angles that are side by side., Have a common ray.
16 A five sided polygon
18 A part of a line beginning at one endpoint and continuing forever in one direction
19 A triangle with two congruent sides
20 A seven sided polygon
22 Two lines that never intersect. They maintain the same distance apart.
23 Exactly the same shape and size
24 Part of a line with a beginning and an endpoint
26 A triangle with three congruent sides
27 An instrument used to measure angles
30 A figure made up of line segments
36 The commond endpoint in an angle
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