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Geometry Vocabulary (F-q) Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Geometry Vocabulary (F-Q)

                          P                     M        
                    P     E               H     I        
                    E     R               E     D        
                    N     I   P   P       X     S        
                    T     M   L   O       A     E        
                    A     E   A   I       G     G        
                    G     T   N   N       O     M        
                I S O S C E L E S T R I A N G L E        
  H E P T A G O N   N     R                     N        
                D                           L   T        
              Q U A D R I L A T E R A L     I            
                C                           N            
            P Y T H A G O R E A N T H E O R E M          
                I                           A            
                V                           R            
              P E R P E N D I C U L A R     P O L Y G O N
                R                           A            
                E                           I            
              P A R A L L E L L I N E S     R            
                S                         M              
                O B T U S E T R I A N G L E              
          L     N                         D              
          I   L I N E S E G M E N T       I              
          N     N                         A              
O B T U S E A N G L E                     N              
C                 E                                      
T                 G                                      
A                 S                                      
Across Down
7 a triangle with at least two congruent sides
8 a seven sided polygon
10 a four sided polygon
11 the sum of the squares of the legs of a right triangle equals the square of the hypotenuse
12 meeting at a 90 degree angle
13 a simple closed two-dimensional shape made of line segments
14 lines that are coplanar and never intersent (when graphed, they have equal slopes)
16 a triangle with one obtuse angle
18 a piece of a line with two endpoints
19 an angle measuring between 90 and 180 degrees
1 the distance around a 2-D figure
2 a line segment with endpoints on the midpoints of two sides of a triangle (it's parallel to the opposite side, and half the length of that side)
3 a five sided polygon
4 a six sided polygon
5 a flat surface that extends forever
6 an exact location in space
7 recognizing patterns to make predictions
9 two angles that share a vertex and one side and whose non-shared sides form a line
15 a line segment with one endpoint on a vertex of a triangle and one endpoint on the midpoint of the opposite side
17 a straight path that extends without end in opposite directions
19 an eight sided polygon
20 the two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle
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