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George Gordon Byron Crossword Puzzle

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George Gordon Byron

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Across Down
8 How Byron is considered?
9 A characteristic of the Byronic hero?
11 A metaphor used to describe the wave
12 His first wife
13 His first poem
14 His mood
15 In what he was involved when he was in Milan?
16 Who is the man that find inspiration from his verse and his drama?
18 The figure originated in a complex and contradictory personality
21 His half-sister
1 The description of the ocean in the 4th stanza
2 His vision of nature
3 Where is set the 4th canto of apostrophe of the ocean
4 This word means a young noble awaiting knighthood
5 An important experience that he feels in front of the ocean?
6 The poem that he starts to write during a tour across the Europe
7 Where is heart was buried
10 It is secondary to nature
17 His masterpiece
19 His souce of joy since he was a child
20 It was the companion of his loleliness
22 How Byron describe the ocean?
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