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Germany 1924-1929 Government And Oppostion Crossword Puzzle

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Germany 1924-1929 Government and Oppostion

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2 Month the Young Plan was signed
5 More fully Reichsbanner Black-Red-Gold. A paramilitary organization in Germany from 1924 to 1933 which supported the Weimar Republic, and whose membership was mainly drawn from supporters of the centre-left Social Democratic Party, especially those w
6 April 1924 policy of scaling down reparations payments
8 International body that accepted Germany as a member in 1926
9 1928 Pact that condemned recourse to war as a means of solving international disputes
12 Policy advocated by Stresemann
1 British statesman who Stresemann resembled in temperament and physique
3 Chancellor of Germany August to November 1923
4 1929 agreement that reduced total reparations by around 75% and lessened annual repayments
7 First president of the Weimar Republic
10 Invasion that outraged German public opinion
11 Party that Stresemann was leader of
13 1925 Treaties whereby Germany promised to respect the western frontier
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