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Getting Started IN The Kitchen Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Getting Started in the Kitchen

                      O                 S N I P
                      L   S       B E A T      
                      D I C E     A     E      
                          O       K     W H I P
                        G R E A S E            
                          E     P     C R U S H
                                R     O        
                          C U T I N   M I N C E
                                N     B        
                                K   Y I E L D  
                          C     L     N     O  
                        B A R B E Q U E     T  
                        M A R I N A T E        
        C U T       Q     M                    
          N   S   J U L I E N N E              
    S K I M   A     A     L                    
          O   U     R   D I S S O L V E        
    R O L L   T     T     Z                    
          D R E D G E   S E P A R A T E        
                R   R   T   A   E              
          S H R E D     I   R   C O R E        
      K   I     S       R   B   I              
      N   F     S       F   O   P I T          
    V E N T             R   I   E              
      A             F R Y   L                  
M O L D                                        
Across Down
2 To cut into small bits with kitchen shears.
4 To mix ingredients together with a circular up and down motion using a spoon, whisk, or beater.
5 To cut into very small cubes of even size.
6 To beat quickly and steadily by hand with a whisk or beater.
7 To rub fat on the surface of a cooking utensil or on a food itself.
9 To pulverize.
10 To comine solid fat with flour using a pastry blender.
11 To cut or chop into very fine pieces.
12 The number of average servings the recipe makes.
15 To cook on a rack or spit over hot coals or some other source of direct heat.
16 To soak meat in a solution containing an acid that helps tenderize the connective tissue.
17 To divide into parts with a sharp utensil.
21 To cut food into thin, stick-sized strips.
22 To remove a substance from the surface of a liquid.
23 To cause a solid food to turn into or become part of a liquid.
24 To flatten dough to an even thickness wtih a rolling pin.
25 To coat a food by sprinkling it with or sipping it in a dry ingredient such as flour.
27 To remove one part from another, as the yolk from the white of an egg.
30 To cut or break into thin pieces.
31 To remove the center part of a fruit such as an apple or pineapple.
33 To remove the seed(s) of a fruit or vegetable.
34 To leave an opening through which steam can escape in the covering of a food to be cooked in a microwave.
35 To cook in a small amount of fat.
36 To shape by hand or by pouring into a form to achieve a desired structure.
1 To incorporate a delicate mixture into a thicker, heavier mixture with a whisk or rubber spatula using a down, up, and over motion.
2 To cook one food or several foods together in a seasoned liquid for a long period.
3 To make small, shallow cuts on the surface of food.
4 To cook in an oven with dry heat.
8 To scatter drops of liquid or particles of powder over the surface of a food.
9 To mix or blend two or more ingredients together.
13 To palce small pieces of butter or another food over the surface of a food.
14 To heat sugar until brown color and characteristic flavor develop.
18 To remove from a form.
19 To cut into four equal pieces.
20 To cook food in a small amount of hot fat.
26 To prepare food for cooking.
27 To cook foods quickly in a small amount of fat over high heat while stirring constantly.
28 To boil in liquid until partially cooked.
29 A set of instructions for preparing a specific food.
30 To put through a sieve to reduce to finer particles.
32 To work dough by pressing it with the heels of the hand, folding it, turning it, and repeating.
36 To combine two or more ingredients into one mass.
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