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GI System Crossword Puzzle

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GI System

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Across Down
5 An element in saliva that protecst against tooth decay?
6 The ileum and jejunum are suspended by folds of the peritoneum that contain an extensive vascular and nervous network that is called the:
7 Exposure to which substance protects the mucosal barrier of the stomach?
9 Salivary amylase initiates the digestion of _____ in the mouth and stomach
11 Which gastric hormone inhibits acid and pepsinogen secretion as well as the release of gastrin?
13 What is the effect of inhibiting the parasympathetic nervous system with a drug such as atropine?
15 Chloride actively enters the cell in exchange for _____ to maintain electroneutrality in the ileum.
16 What accomplishes the formation of water-soluble molecules to facilitate the absorption of the byproducts of lipid hydrolysis?
17 Saliva contains which immunoglobulin?
18 Bilirubin is a byproduct of the destruction of aged _____ that are destroyed by macrophages in the spleen and liver.
1 Which stimulus increases the tone of the esophageal sphincter?
2 Which structure of the digestive system synthesizes clotting factors and vitamin K necessary for hemostasis?
3 Which enzyme breaks down protein-forming polypeptides in the stomach?
4 Food enters the stomach via the _____ orifice.
5 The _____ cells in the stomach secrete histamine
8 The pancreatic enzyme responsible for the breakdown of carbohydrates is:
10 In the small intestine, sodium is transported into the intestinal cells in exchange for _____ at the brush border.
12 The _____ cells in the stomach secrete hydrochloric acid.
14 Which stimulus inhibits gastric motility by raising the threshold potential of muscle fibers?
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