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Global Currency Isms Crossword Puzzle

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Global Currency Isms

          1   2                                  
                        3       4                
      5                     6                    
                    7   8             9          
      11     12   13                                
        16                     17                  
18             19                                  
      20       21       22   23                      
    24 25       26                                  
Across Down
1 Balancing Genius
5 EEK! Watch where you park. Everything is a marked target for this Polish beauty
8 Our Friendly Terrorist Who is 'so fun'
11 Your favourite Brazilian visitor
14 I'm an older fatter George Clooney.
15 Joanna
17 Most likely to end up on Hoarders - pet edition
18 i might look like a dog, but i eat like a king. last week mom bought me filet mignon
19 most likely to become a professional pineapple chopper
20 Her father could enter the tour-de-france
21 god forbid you use their garbage bin in error
24 most likely to become a professional cartooner
27 the dirty
28 these occur every hour or so at cindy's GCS socials
2 don't call her nancy
3 Most likely to be cast on the next season of the Love Boat
4 givers gain
6 has fantastic on-line makeup application videos
7 cutest four year old ever
9 you probably have 50,000 of them
10 a country that nunzia will never travel to
12 most likely to be featured on extreme couponers
13 linda is. tara used to be. carinta will never be.
14 favourite cuban wholesaler from the past.
16 a couple of wacky germans took me in as their 3rd son
22 i took my girlfriend and my wife on the same vacation.
23 most likely to slip in a puddle of pepsi and break my arm
25 she's ample
26 call me for a brazilian, a hangover and an STD in one visit.
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