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Gods OF The Waters Crossword Puzzle

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Gods of the Waters

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Across Down
2 Mother of Oceanus
3 One of the Greek primordial gods that ruled on the earth before the arrival of the Olympians
5 The son of Pontus and Gaia (Gaea) Referred to as the Old Man of the Sea (the Mediterranean)
6 Water nymphs who lived in small bodies of water such as springs, fountains, and brooks
9 Pontus translation
10 Poseidon's mother, who saved him from being devoured from Cronus
11 Due to his influence on the waters, it gave him a reputation of having a connection to navigation in which he was worshiped by sailors for safe voyages
15 Poseidon tried impressing her by creating the first horse
17 Sister and wife of Oceanus
19 Father of Oceanus
20 Known as the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite and as the trumpeter of the sea who had a special attribute where he blew into a twisted conch shell and had the ability to calm and raise the ocean waves
1 Poseidon's other brother
4 A primordial titan god of the river ocean,Okeanos, which was the river that encircled the earth
7 Nereus's wife, who had 50 daughters later known as the Nereids (nymphs of the sea)
8 One of the unimportant divinities of the sea who used to be mortal
12 Has the power to shapeshift and was given the power to foreshadow the future (prophecy) by Poseidon
13 Nereus's symbol
14 Poseidon's brother
16 Poseidon used THIS as a symbol of his power which created earthquakes and gave the ability to shatter any object, giving him the nickname, “Earth-Shaker'
18 One of Poseidon's sacred animals
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