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Going Global Crossword Puzzle

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Going Global

Do this crossword, bearing in mind that all words and phrases should not be spelled as hyphenated or separate words

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  12                                           13
Across Down
1 To remove someone from their job.
5 all the people who work in a particular industry or company, or are available to work in a particular country or area
7 when your employer no longer has a job for you because of the company's losses.
8 A situation in which a company tries to be more successful than other rival companies.
9 the rate at which goods are produced, and the amount produced, especially in relation to the work, time, and money needed to produce them
10 an office where people answer customers’ questions, make sales etc by using the telephone rather than by meeting people.
11 something that makes trade between two countries more difficult or expensive, for example a tax on imports.
12 Everywhere in the world.
15 When company staff feel that they are unhappy and not satisfied with their working conditions.
16 Internationalisation of exchanges which results in economic interdependence.
17 The feeling of always being tired because you have been working too hard.
2 someone who holds shares in a company or business.
3 When a company reduces the number of employees in order to cut costs.
4 an organization, usually in a particular trade or profession, that represents workers, especially in meetings with employers.
5 money you earn that is paid according to the number of hours, days, or weeks that you work.
6 an economy in which companies are not controlled by the government but decide for themselves what to produce and sell, based on what they believe they can make a profit from.
13 The act of using workers from outside the company to do a job.
14 The act of moving a company to another country in order to reduce costs.
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