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Good Decisions Crossword Puzzle

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Good Decisions

Making good decisions

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Across Down
1 The result of a choice or decision made
7 If you plan involves other people, you must ___ their participation
9 Never give up your ability to react positively
11 A prize you can give yourself for doing a good job
12 Commiting to oneself to do something even when others are not looking
14 The act of making a choice based on facts, opinions or desires
15 Reaching or attaining your goal
19 Something you work for and want to achieve
20 Beliefs that are important to you
21 What you determine to be either negative or positive
22 A nudge or push from a good friend or mentor
23 Sticking to your goals and decisions
24 Your plans may require __ when roadblocks or setbacks occur
2 Something that can take you off of your game that you must control for
3 Avoiding certain __, places and things can propell you toward your goals
4 Placing or determining the value of an idea before you take action
5 Doing something because someone wants you to do it
6 Being frank with yourself about your options
8 One of several pathways a person can choose
9 You are often identified by your likes, dislikes & general characteristics
10 Often requires more responsibility
13 Specific actions designed to take you from point A to point B
16 Taking incremental movements toward a goal begins with the first
17 Someone to whom you can ask adviceSelf
18 Person who expends energy and knowledge to help you succeed
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