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Good Vibrations Crossword Puzzle

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Good Vibrations

                    7                     8  
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Across Down
5 the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
6 result of the superposition of two or more waves
9 wave that vibrates perpendicular to the direction of the wave's motion
10 the time needed for an object to repeat one complete cycle of the motion
11 wave that strikes the boundary
12 a wave that appears to be standing still
15 when a wave moves up and down at the same rate
17 returning wave
1 waves that have characteristics of both transverse and longitudinal waves
2 maximum distance that the object moves from equilibrium
3 change in direction of waves at the boundary between two different media
4 the length between one crest and another
5 disturbance is in the same direction as, or parallel to, the direction of the wave's motion
7 line drawn at a right angle to the crest of the wave
8 when small forces are applied at regular intervals to a vibrating or oscillating object and the amplitude of the vibration increases
13 high point of a wave
14 direction of the barrier; drawn perpendicular
16 line that represents the crest of a wave in two dimensions
18 low point of a wave
19 single bump or disturbance that travels through a medium
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