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Greek Myth Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Greek Myth

                            D     P      
                        B L I G H T      
                            S       V    
                            D       I    
                          L A M E N T    
                            I       A    
                I M P U D E N C E   L    
                P R E C O C I O U S      
                L                 E      
              R A V I S H I N G   E      
                C                 T      
              P A R C E L E D     H E E D
                B                 E      
          H     L     B   G              
          A P P E A S E   L              
          U   I       N   O              
          G   E     T I R A D E          
          H   T       G   T              
T U M U L T   Y   D A N K                
Across Down
3 when persophone is kid napped her mother put ____ on all the plants
5 when they do something on purpose they dont feel ____
6 demeter was____ to her daughters kidnapper
7 some of the gods are very smart and ___
9 aphrodites beauty is ____
10 parceled: the gods worlds were____ in parts
11 gods ___to each others plans
15 zeuz did this to his wife when his daughter went missing
17 when a god does something wrong they get a long ___
18 the gods with put a spell on people to be ____
19 the underwolrd is ___
1 zeuz is ____ at being the king of the gods
2 many gods have a ____on other gods
4 a ___ part of demeters life is her daughter
6 when thing go wrong the gods get this
8 the gods anger will ___
12 demeter was ____ with her deal to get her daughter back
13 benign: prophecy was ____ form up in the tower
14 the gods _____ when they do something good
16 sceeming is a ___ part of gods daily lives
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