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Hair And Fiber Crossword Puzzle

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Hair and Fiber

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Across Down
3 dead, thread like strands attached to the epidermis of mammals
8 controls the amount of light going through the aperture; may be adjusted
10 what the hair is made primarily of
11 large, round knob on the side of the microscope used for 'rough' focusing of the specimen
12 strand that resembles thread
15 has two eyepieces, so you get to use both of your eyes at a time
16 the refraction of light in an anisotropic material (as calcite) in two slightly different directions to form two rays
18 a device used to analyze side-by-side specimens
19 the measurement of the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of mid-infrared light by a sample
20 superb image quality in polarized light.
23 combines the power of lenses and light to enlarge the subject being viewed
24 method of separating the components of a mixture
26 small, round knob on the side of the microscope used to fine-tune the focus of your specimen after
27 the initial growth phase during which the hair follicle actively produces hair.
31 the rotating part of the microscope at the bottom of the body tube; it holds the
1 type of electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons
2 created by forcing fiber forming materials through holes into the air, forming a thread.
4 the brief transition period between the growth and resting phases of a hair follicle. It signals the end of the growth phase
5 2, 3 or more objectives attached to the nosepiece; they vary in length
6 the long tube that supports the eyepiece and connects it to the objectives.
7 outermost layer of hair, the scale structure covering the exterior of the hair.
9 an instrument used to measure spectra of microscopic samples or microscopic areas on samples.
13 part of the microscope that you carry the microscope with; connects the head and base of
14 the final phase in the hair cycle that lasts until the fully grown hair is shed.
17 A thin hairlike outgrowth of an epidermal cell
21 where you look through to see the image of your specimen. Magnifies
22 bottom of the microscope
25 source of light usually found near the base of the microscope
28 middle layer of the hair, a fibrous protein core formed by elongated cells containing melanin pigment, he main body of the hair shaft.
29 found in hair and nails
30 innermost layer of the hair and is often called the pith or core of the hair
32 a fiber that comes from plants or hair of animals
33 large, flat area under the objectives
34 responsible for the color of hair
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